Baccarat is a game of probabilities and chances. There is no particular strategy to follow for this game, but to rely on your skills and gut feelings most of the time. In baccarat, each round is independent and not thoroughly dependent on the other rounds.

Another point which minimizes the chances of any workable strategies is that in online baccarat, the shoe get shuffled cards after every move. You cannot count cards this way and it is also hard to predict what cards will come up as there isn't any chances of specific patterns.

Any website out there, offering the ultimate baccarat strategy will SUCCEFFULY sell its books to readers like you. Only strategies for online baccarat are counting card (which doesn't work almost at all), pattern analysis and being on a lucky streak.

Just use common sense in online baccarat or a normal game and you will surely win. If you are seeing that the bank has been winning for the last 6 times, then chances are that the bank is going to win and NOT win in the next round. As this game is based on 50 - 50 percent luck so you have the same luck streak.

There is also another strategy which is called the Martingale approach. It says that you wager double amount of money whenever you lose in previous round. People apply this strategy in roulette and baccarat, not knowing that when there is an element of table limits, they are not going to go far away. With table limits, they will not be able to make up for their losses.

So you are always more than welcome to make your own small strategy too, based on your analysis of online baccarat game flow. Who knows maybe you would come up with something perfect!

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